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Android is software which is meant for mobile devices. The Android software includes operating system, middleware and key applications. The Android Standard Development Kit (SDK) provides the tools and Application Programmers Interfaces (APIs) required to develop applications on the Android platform using the Java programming language.

Course Contents


This course provides hands on training to designing and building applications using Google’s Android open-source platform.

This hands on course explain what Google Android is and how is compares to other mobile environment, the setup of the Google Android Eclipse-based development tools, the Android SDK, all essential features, as well as the advanced capabilities and APIs such as Back Ground Services, Accelerometers, Graphics and GPS. The course offers extensive hands on experience as there is extensive programming exercise provided at the end of each module. Solutions are provided for laboratory exercises.

Google Android overview and History: How it all got started? Why Android is different (and important)? Google Android Stack Overview of the stack? Linux kemel ? Native libraries? Dalvik ? App framework?

SDK Overview platforms: Tools, Versions, Creating your first project, The manifest file, Layout resource, Running your app on Emulator, Creating on Google Android Application using the Eclipse plugin, Creating an Google Android Application without the Eclipse plug-in adding an External Library (.jar) using Eclipse.

Main Building Blocks Activities: Activity Lifecycle, Intents, Services, Content providers, Broadcast Receivers Opening a new screen, Listing for button clicks, Configuring General Window properties, Referring to local host from the emulated environment, Storing and retrieving state, Storing and retrieving preferences, Storing and retrieving larger or more complex persistent data (files and data)

Basic Google Android User Interface XML versus Java UI: Dips and sps; Vies layouts; Common UI components; Handling user events, Displaying alerts, Displaying bar, Adding items to the screen menu Display a web page, Binding to data, Getting a handle to a screen element.