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Importance of Project

  • Project is not only part of the coursework.
  • Opportunity to demonstrate a wide range of skills, Knowledge gained in previous course.
  • Provides Originality, teamwork, inspiration, planning and organization in the software project.
  • Future employers will most likely ask about project in interview.

Project Completion Steps For Students

Selection of topic

  • This can be done by the HOD/Guide of the project.
  • Student need to submit more than one abstract report to satisfy their guide.
  • Many times they ask for enhancement of the given project abstract.
  • It’s just 10% of project.

Project Proposal Report

  • This report will contain an overall structure for the project analysis along with a substantial part of the survey of technologies.
  • Structure of report.
  • Introduction
  • Background
  • Objective
  • Purpose and scope
  • Survey of technologies
  • Requirement and analysis
  • Problem definition
  • Requirement specification
  • Planning and scheduling
  • Software and Hardware Requirements
  • Preliminary Product Description
  • Conceptual Models
  • References

Module Submission

  • Every student has to submit their project as modules.
  • So they can’t submit final project directly even they have complete code with documentation.
  • To divide project as modules they will face many errors. This may not be solved by the students.
  • This can be done only by software development approach.

Note : For list of projects, contact your nearest datapro center.